Liberated spaces is the result of removing physical, mental, and/or emotional obstacles that hinder efforts to focus on the things in life that matter.

When we liberate our spaces, creativity and motivation begin to flow and new avenues of possibility begin to open. Certain kinds of more – more inspiration, more prosperity, more time, more productivity, more direction, more fun, and more control – start to infuse our days.

This blog is a place where musings and findings loosely pertaining to organizing, simple living, sustainability, and creativity can intersect and mingle. These are themes that fill my waking hours. They’ve yet to infiltrate my sleeping hours.

Liberated spaces is a motivating force in my life and in the collaborations with my clients. I am a life organizer and coach who likes to carry a camera. In my spare time, I’m a photographer, an avid cook, a sustainable food advocate, a traveler, and a voracious reader.

I invite you to visit my websites for more information: www.liberatedspaces.com and  www.debrabaida.com.

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