I love simplicity. I seek it out and it seeks me. Summertime seems to bring it to the surface: the non-essentials are stripped away and longer warmer days slow me down and invite me to savor whatever inspires and comes my way.

So what is simplicity?

Simplicity is about finding magic in the mundane. It’s about an unlikely pair – a garden hose and a shoe rack – becoming friends. It’s a backyard garden party with a “cup rinsing region.”

Simplicity is taking the example of children who know how to be in the moment. Simplicity is days filled with simple pleasures, infinite creativity, and imaginations running wild. It is best experienced when you  let yourself slow down, look, listen, and be.

Simplicity is about adding seasoning where and when you want it. (Pass the salt, please.) It’s about infusing humor and play while creating something new and useful out of something that you’d otherwise retire.

Simplicity is about chomping into a fresh ear of corn like you mean it and savoring the explosion of juices as the kernels burst in your mouth.

Simplicity is waking up and feeling like you’re walking through a dream when the magic of the day is incredibly real.

Simplicity is using whatever you’ve got, looking into the future, and imagining what will be.

Simplicity is something that’s waiting to take you for a ride. It’s at the end of the path, but it’s a journey that is just the beginning.