Elephants howling at the moon?

a child's drawing of an elephantFor about forty years and counting, a piece of blue paper measuring approximately 6×9″ has been tacked to the bulletin board in my father’s office. On that page is a pencil drawing of an orb-like elephant with crazy eyes and a strange little trunk. The word “elephant”, scrawled in capital letters, grazes the top of its back. The page is signed with a giant “D”.

During my college years, I borrowed this image created by my younger self for a project in a class on alternative photographic processes. I photocopied it onto a transparent sheet of plastic and used it as a negative.

The photographic print that resulted now sits in my office in a wooden frame that belonged to my maternal great grandmother. It’s an object imbued with the spirit of three generations and three incarnations. It fills me with wonder about a time that I do not remember.

They say an elephant never forgets, and so it goes that I share this tale and this silly little image on Elephant Appreciation Day. My drawing looks like a strange kind of heavenly body floating in a dark sky. It leads me to wonder if any elephants are trumpeting at the full moon on this night of the autumnal equinox.

3 thoughts on “Elephants howling at the moon?

  1. That, my friend, is a fine question!

    We just sat by a park on a hill and watched the full moon until the moment of the equinox. Thank goodness the fog had yet to conceal la luna. Autumn is in the air!

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