To feel or to be organized? That is my question.

Bank of America window sign reading "Feel organized and on the right track"

I’m quite fascinated by the notion of a sense of being organized as promoted by a major corporate financial institution.

Just curious: do you prefer to feel organized or to be organized?

(And yes, I realize the title of this post is nearly as long as the post itself!)


9 thoughts on “To feel or to be organized? That is my question.

  1. I can feel organized when I buy cute matching little boxes or file folders (the corporate approach) and still not actually be organized.

    But is anyone ever organized? Sure, I feel organized. I have my systems for most important things but there’s always those moments like now when I’ve misplaced not one but two watches and the memory card for my camera and none have emerged after semi-looking for them. Argh!

    So I neither am nor feel organized at the present.

    1. Holly, sometimes I consider organization to be a state between those moments where there is disorganization and vice versa. Of course these moments vary in degrees of intensity and length and urgency. It’s an an ebb and flow, a dance and orchestration of navigating the day to day. I hope the watches and memory card soon appear.

  2. I won’t FEEL organized unless I AM organized. I don’t play mindgames, even with myself. Thus, when chaos rules, I’m nervous, high-strung, and quite likely to bite someone’s head off. And pretending that chaos = organized doesn’t work for me.

    1. I’m with you, Deb, even regarding those occasional moments where I’m likely to bit someone’s head off! Oh, yes, the truth comes out, but I usually resort to biting the head off an organic chocolate bar. But oh the relief and joy when chaos subsides and the calm organized self returns, and then it’s time for a celebratory nibble of the aforementioned sweet!

  3. Nice one, large corporation!
    This may be a chicken and egg scenario. Is it possible that to be organized it is helpful to feel organized? I’m going to try that as my mantra today:
    “I feel organized” as see how it goes.

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